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Disabled Parking is disabled.

As a long time beneficiary of the Mobility Parking Scheme, I have been and continue to be very grateful.  This scheme, the one in New South Wales that I know so well, is generous and kind to those that need it and is a very great credit to the governments that created it and support […]

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My battle with government is just getting warm now.  I have been ignored, ridiculed, intimidated, disbelieved and beaten up for taking a stand and I just can’t accept that at all. So, I am taking the fight to them (in a big way I hope), and I intend to make so much noise that they […]

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Rod Stern – Bio

BIO How do I accurately describe myself?  Is it even possible to be accurate, honest and comprehensive and why the heck would anyone want to embark on a frightening journey like this in the first place? I see myself as a battler with a wealth of experience in life and a burning desire to use […]

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